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Improv comedy with furries and Elvis

Lessee, what have I been up to lately?

On Sunday, Sept. 15, I joined a bunch of local furries for dinner at a place on Washington Ave. called Cosmos, and then we went to a nearby theater called the Bienvenue Theater to see a comedy improv show, in which our friend and fellow furry Black Wolf was one of the performers! It was like Whose Line Is It Anyway, except without any games involving singing.

Some of the performers joined us for dinner at Cosmos beforehand, and Black Wolf explained furries to them (or tried to) :} using some of my drawings as visual aids. Then during the show, the turnout was kinda low and the audience was almost half furries! For one of the games, the audience was called on to suggest a setting, and I said "Star Trek convention" (I didn't know Black Wolf had been explaining furries and was afraid if I said "furry convention" the performers wouldn't know what the heck I was talking about... but they started working furries into it anyway! This Star Trek convention they were pretending to be at apparently had a lot of fursuiters, as well as Elvis! One of the audience members kept suggesting Elvis for everything. Premise: What if Elvis was a woman... Setting: At the Eiffel Tower, with Elvis... etc.) :}

Then DuGaul and I got to participate! The game was "Prompt", and we stood behind the two performers who kept "forgetting their lines" and we had to prompt them with any bizarre non-sequitur thing that popped into our heads. The discussion ended up being about kangaroos that sing songs about hammers and create improv theater, or something. :}

Oh yes, and during intermission, Black Wolf told me that one game they'd be playing during the second half was "Objects From the Audience", which is sort of like "Props" on WLIIA. And he decided to be naughty: he secretly led me backstage, found a foamcore Star of David hanging on a hook, gave it to me and told me to hide it under my seat and hand it forward during the Objects From The Audience game. Fortunately that was the first game played after the intermission, so I didn't have to hide it long! One of the things done with it: Black Wolf stood on a chair holding the Jewish star up and said "Why does this have to go on top of the Christmas tree anyway?" :}

After the show, Black Wolf and most of the performers drove over to Katz's Deli to eat and discuss, and Black Wolf invited any of us who wanted to come. I was the only one who went. I wasn't very hungry after my club sandwich at Cosmos, but I enjoyed a potato knish and cole slaw while listening to the actors discuss the show. It was fun!

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