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Homestar Runner's arms, illustrated

So I was browsing the Homestar Runner Wiki the other day, and I happened upon a page titled "Lack of Visible Arms", which I'm sure you've noticed Homestar seems to have (the lack of arms, that is, not the arms) if you've seen him in his cartoons. And a line near the bottom caught my eye: in the cartoon 'time capsule' (transcript here), "Homestar is able to manipulate the box, box lid, and wig all at the same time, as if he has multiple invisible arms."

Sure enough, it's true! He comes in holding a box, opens it, and takes a ratty old wig out of it, without having to put the box down!

Now, another prevailing theory is that instead of arms, he has limited telekinetic powers. This might seem to suggest that possibility, allowing Homestar to manipulate an indeterminate number of objects at a time. But on the other (invisible) hand, it's possible he has three or more arms!

Artist's conception:

In conclusion: Cartoons are fun and weird.

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