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Quality Homestar Runner merchandise!

Recently I ordered a bunch of merchandise-type stuffs from HomestarRunner.com, and it arrived today! I got the "h-star-r" T-shirt, the Strong Bad T-shirt, all four SBemail DVDs, and the Strong Bad Sings CD.

In with the box along with all the stuff I ordered was a set of H*R figurines, which I guess was added as a complimentary cheap-as-free gift. How nice!

Thing is, I already have a set of figurines. I bought them at a comic store some time ago. And this is the same set as I already have (there are two sets); this is the set with Homestar, Strong Bad, the Cheat, Strong Mad, Bubs, Marzipan, Strong Sad, and Coach Z.

Sooo... would anybody on my friends list like to have this extraneous set? Great condition, not even opened yet. The first person to ask for them in a comment to this post gets 'em! I'll mail them to you, or if you live in Houston or will be at Midwest Furfest next month, I can give them to you in person. I got 'em free, so I won't charge you anything except shipping, if necessary.

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