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Saw "Mirrormask" today and loved it. The story: Helena is a girl in a circus family who draws things and pins the drawings to her wall. Her mother collapses and needs an operation. Helena goes to bed worried, and dreams she's in a strange world based on her drawings, which has begun falling apart since the Queen of Light (same actress as the mother) fell into a deep sleep and the Queen of Shadows (also same actress) started taking over. Helena has to find the Mirrormask and wake her up. There's more to it than that, which I don't want to spoil.

The effects are... um... the effects, the design, the look... it's all so amazingly stunning and stunningly amazing I don't really know how to describe it. Ummm... movie look great and weird! Floating words! Eye spiders! Funny peoplefaced wingycat gryphon thingies! Everybody in masks! Flying books, mouth librarian, giantsorbiting, big windup dolls singing trancing, "Close To You" never sounded so hypnotic... I need to see it again!

(Part of the reason I need to see it again, though, is that the dialog is a little hard to understand, especially in the giantsorbiting scene. And you do need to hear the dialog to make sense of it.)

(Sorry. Dialogue. It's a British film.)

(Ohhh crap I meant to get my pill prescriptions refilled today. Have to do that tomorrow then.)

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