A.R.M. (kinkyturtle) wrote,


I went to see Tim Burton's Corpse Bride today. It's delightfully creepy fun. Basically, if you liked The Nightmare Before Christmas, you'll like this too.

Victor, the nervous son of a fishmonger and his nouveau riche wife, is engaged to Victoria, the lovely daughter of two pompous, pretentious, strictly-business (and secretly, flat broke) sourpusses. Victor has never met Victoria, and is extremely nervous, to the point that he runs out of the church during the wedding rehearsal. While wandering in the woods and practicing his vows out loud, he places the ring on what he thinks is a twig, but turns out to be the finger of Emily, the girl who died waiting for a groom and was buried in a wedding dress. Oops, he's accidentally gone and married a corpse, and is taken to the land of the dead.

I enjoyed it! One of the best parts is when Emily gives Victor a wedding present: a bunch of bones, which reassemble themselves into the skeleton of Victor's former pet dog Scraps, still as affectionate as ever.

[WARNING: This movie contains singing. Viewers allergic to musicals should stay home.]

Before the movie started, I saw trailers for "Zathura", which was written by the guy who wrote Jumanji and is basically Jumanji in space; and umm something with Dennis Quaid as a military guy marrying a hippie lady, and their two huge hordes of kids don't get along.

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