A.R.M. (kinkyturtle) wrote,

Voice Post: Turtle in the dark

569K 2:55
“Here's yesterday in some more detail. Let's see..

We spent the day watching radar images of the hurricane on TV, watching it encroach on the Louisiana coast and the eastern part of the Texas coast, east of us, and bands of clouds from the western side of the storm coming over Houston which we could see outside. No rain, just some wind making pleasant whooshing noises in the trees. And finally at nighttime it started raining. I spent the whole day on the computer just browsing the web and doing what i could while we still had power, of which i'm glad as i'll explain in a minute.

So like i said, the rain started. Wasn't much, basically just enough to wet the front walk. It was no more than a typical rainstorm, basically.

And then at 11:47 the power went out. I was on IRC at the time; i thought <i>Oh, i better tell everyone the power just went out</i> and then shut down, but i can't see the keyboard, because it's dark! And then i looked up and i saw i got disconnected from IRC, so apparently we also lost Internet connectivity at the same time, so i just shut everything down, turned off the UPS which was beeping like mad by now. And.. no power. It's bedtime!

So we went to bed. Before we went to bed, i looked out the window across the street. The people across the street still had power. It's just our block, because there's some sort of glitch in the powerline that serves this block and apparently the wind affects it. Whenever there's a storm there are power glitches like this: usually just like half a second, or maybe a few seconds, just enough to make me have to go around and reset all the clocks. Sometimes it goes out and stays out and we have to call somebody to come and fix it. But this morning Mom tried calling someone but they're too busy fixing downed power lines in other parts of the city to help us: we're low on their priority list. So it may be days before we have power.

So today we ate the devilled eggs that Mom made yesterday. Of course we're trying to only open the fridge rarely. Tomorrow the clouds are going to go away and it's going to get hot again. So we're probably going to go hang out at Rice University where Dad works..

..and that is all for now.”

Transcribed by: kurreltheraven

Addendum: Oh duh, of course the internet went out. Our cable modem lost power. It's not plugged into the battery side of the UPS box.

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