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Someday they'll find our cheesesteak-starved corpses

Oh and BTW... to reward me for helping with all this hard work, Mom offered to go out and buy me lunch.

But she couldn't. Nothing was open. Philly Connection was closed, Jack in the Box was closed, Quizno's was closed... practically every place was closed! Even though the storm's not predicted to hit until tomorrow evening at the earliest. I guess all their employees had to evacuate. So I just made a sandwich.

Oh, and I'm glad we didn't try to evacuate; the news has been showing video of all the freeways out of town. They are CLOGGED SOLID with traffic jams! People have been sitting there for hours, running out of gas and water, in the 100-degree heat. If we had to evacuate, we ought to have done so several days ago, but then we wouldn't have been able to trim all those tree branches or move all those flowerpots.

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