A.R.M. (kinkyturtle) wrote,

Tree pruning, neighbor's lawn pruning

Erf. It is brutally hot out there. Dad and I have quit for the day, even though we're not done yet. (Though there's not much left to do; just cut up the rest of the branches and find something to put them in.)

The last thing we did was stage a raid on our neighbor's yard. They're an elderly couple, and like I said, they've left town, leaving a bunch of loose objects in their backyard, mostly chairs and flowerpots. Dad was concerned that when the hurricane hits, those things might become destructive projectiles and damage their house, or our house. We have no way to contact the homeowners and ask them for permission to muck about in their yard, but since this is an emergency, we figure we'll explain it to them later when they come back.

So I used two stepladders to climb over the fence, one ladder on each side. Then I started moving stuff. Lots of old terra cotta and ceramic flowerpots, some old broken plastic flowerpots, most of them full of dirt and about half containing plants, some dead. I started handing those over to Dad. Halfway through the operation, I needed something to protect my hands with, because some of the pots were really hot after sitting out in the sun all day! We stashed the flowerpots in our garage, except for a few really big ones that I just put on the neighbor's back porch against an inner corner of the house where the wind can't take them.

Furniture: Three filthy plastic chairs, and one filthy rusted metal table that most of the flowerpots were sitting on. We stashed the chairs in our garage, and left the table upside-down next to the wall where the wind won't take it.

There were also some loose boards from a dilapidated and decaying old bench swing that doesn't look like it's been touched by human hands in years. We don't figure the swing itself will be a hazard, and anyway removing it would be a major undertaking.

So, tomorrow we'll finish cutting up those branches (sheesh, storm coming and here we are clearing brush!) :} and then close up the garage, keep the cat inside and hunker down.

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