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Tree pruning... er, tree dried plumming

Whew! Today, Dad and I are spending the day cutting down branches that look like they might do damage during the storm.

Standing outside and looking at the sky, there is no indication at all that there's a storm coming. It's still cloudless, hot and dry, like it's been for the past month or so. In fact, the front yard is getting crunchy. Still, we've been climbing ladders and cutting branches high overhead with a cutter on a pole that's got a rope to pull the blade closed.

The ladder part is the dangerous part. That's over with. Now we've got to chop up all the cut branches and put them in bags or boxes. That's going to be the long hard tedious part.

Also, our neighbors across the back fence seem to have left town and left a bunch of outdoor furniture in their backyard. We're thinking of climbing the fence, taking the furniture and stashing it in our garage until after the storm.

Oh and BTW, news reports indicate the storm is moving a bit further east than they thought. It may strike Beaumont, which not only means the damage won't be as bad here, but also means it's even less likely to flood here. Yaay!

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