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Shi was a reporter...

Had a weird moment when I glanced in the paper just now. I picked up the Outlook section of today's Houston Chronicle and glanced at some text near the bottom of page 1, and I saw this sentence:

"Shi was a reporter for a Chinese newspaper, Contemporary Business News."

And I thought... what?? I've seen the dual-gendered pronoun "shi" used all the time in furry stories about hermaphroditic characters, but what the heck was it doing in the paper? Did I wake up in a world of chakats this morning?

Then I thought, wait a sec... Chinese newspaper... it's probably just a name. Sure enough, the article is about journalist Shi Tao, who emailed somebody some information the censorious Chinese government wanted kept secret, and Yahoo!, who helped them track him down and imprison him.

Pity. I'd be happier reading an article about chakats.

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