A.R.M. (kinkyturtle) wrote,

Drawings of and for Egg

These are all the pictures I've drawn for Egg over the years.

Line art of Egg Le Fume at the computer. I never got around to finishing it.
Pencil sketch of Egg Le Fume.
Egg LeFume dances a softshoe on KT's head, with odd results.
Melody Mephit wears a lei, which Mr. Fu decides to bite through.
Melody Mephit, dressed as Mephitstopheles, poinks Vakko in the keister with her trident. Yow!
A drawing I did at Anthrocon, in Egg's sketchbook! It's of Melody Mephit and it's titled "When Turtles Dream..."
A get-well card for Egg, a good friend of mine who is undergoing surgery. This picture depicts an actual made-up incident from the Family House where he's staying in Pittsburgh when not at the hospital. Get well soon, Egg!
Another get-well card for Egg, this time taking place in his hospital room, where he is visited by some of his favorite candystripers.
A third get-well card for Egg! Nurse Zig Zag says it's sponge bath time. But why is she taking off her own clothes? Gee, I can't imagine.
Richard Fox pulls on Melody Mephit's tail, so, what else, she sprays him. Sillyfoxie!
Colored version of pulltail-bw.gif.
A quick pic I whipped up for Egg as a design for the cover of the sketchbook he carries around. The cover is black, and he wants to paint white areas on it, so I got creative.
Egg LeFume riding an airplane, and inconveniencing fellow passengers in coach with his big fluffy (and probably stinky, to them) tail.
Fox Fox Revolution! An all-fox picture. Mr. Fu and Jon play Fox Fox Revolution, but the other foxes are busy watching Jennifer and Felina! L to R: Mr. Fu, Jon, Teleia, EggLeReynard (Egg's fox form), FoxTaka, Tony, Jennifer, Richard, Felina, YakkoFox, Qaianna (she's not crying; that's a white splotch of fur on her muzzle) & Melody in her fox form.)

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