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Soy nuts

Mom's doing okay, but the red area on her leg is getting bigger and they still haven't found the cause. I think they're waiting for test results or something.

I went shopping at Whole Foods today for cantaloupe and apples, and I saw they had a huge new display of nuts and grains sold in bulk and in prepackaged containers. One of these was roasted soy nuts. I remembered how much I had enjoyed Aatheus's bag of dry roasted edamame (soybeans) at Anthrocon, and decided to try these. They had salted and unsalted varieties, so I got the unsalted kind to try first.

Not bad. A little bland. I think what I'll do is go back, buy the salted variety, then mix the two together and make semisalted soy nuts!

(Also I saw something weird. In the parking lot of bleeding-heart liberal left-wing environmentalist Whole Foods Market was a huuuge SUV with a bumper sticker saying GOD BLESS JOHN WAYNE. Sheesh. Only in Texas!)

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