A.R.M. (kinkyturtle) wrote,

Mt. Rainier!

Y'know that big rocky, snowy-looking thing southeast of Seattle? From the city, it looks sort of like the moon, only not moon-shaped? We climbed it yesterday!

Well, sort of. We drove to Mt. Rainier National Park and up the road that climbs the southern face of the base of the mountain. We stopped and took pictures at an observation point, again at Narada Falls, and again at Paradise Point, where there's an inn (good grief, they did pave Paradise and put up a parking lot!) The view is gorgeous. The mountain is majestic. It's still a big rocky snowy thing, but up close it is much BIGGER and CLEARER and TOWERING-OVER-YOU-er than from Seattle. I loves me some mountains. We don't have them in Houston. Pity.

Actually, we went in two cars, and the other car didn't stop at Paradise, because Mr. Fu was in it and he had to get to the airport. That was kind of a bad idea; he made it to the airport with barely a few minutes to spare (plus about 20 minutes because his flight was delayed).

The other car (mine) had Qai, Jon, and Jon's friend Chris. We joked around all the way up, but on the way down, everybody in the car fell asleep except me, which is good because I was driving.


Timmo was supposed to go home early this morning, but his flight was canceled, so he got to spend an extra day with us. We went to the mall, which seemed a tad prosaic compared to Mt. Rainier, but Tony couldn't very well have gotten his Puzzle Pirates game exchanged at Mt. Rainier, could he? (He bought it on Thursday at EB Games, then later discovered there was no game disk inside. Whoops!) Then Tony had to leave and drive and drive and drive and drive and drive and drive and drive and drive and drive and drive and drive and drive home.

Then, Timmo, Masem and I went to see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Masem agrees that the stuff with Willy Wonka's father is kinda weird and contrived, although I don't mind it so much. One of my favorite moments: Willy Wonka telling Mr. Salt, "You're weird!"

Then Chris (but not Jon who wasn't up to it) went with us to an Indian restaurant. Chris had to be careful not to eat any cilantro because the stuff makes him violently ill; he managed, but it was difficult. My lamb jawhateveritwascalledzi was yummy, but spicy!

Back at Jon's, we played a few games of Zendo (an Icehouse game) until Timmo and Masem had to leave. Myself, I shall be flying back home tomorrow evening.

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