A.R.M. (kinkyturtle) wrote,

Uwajimaya, Pike Place Market

Wow! Today we went to Uwajimaya, a big Asian supermarket in the Asian section of Seattle. I bought a buncha Pocky. Other folks bought various manga titles in Kinokuniya, a bookstore attached to Uwajimaya. Then we drove over to Pike Place Market. It's a big mall-like market in a very old building on the side of a hill next to the waterfront. Inside it's all wooden floors and stairs, and shops like Golden Age Collectibles, which has lots of comics, games, cards, figurines and buttons. Up on the top level is the fresh food market, with a fish store where they throw the fish!

Then, on the waterfront, we went to a pirate store! I bought some doubloons, arrrr.

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