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The Space Needle

Today I went up in the Space Needle!

Let's see, there was me, Mr. Fu, Jon, Timmo, Masem, Sylvester and Chris, and we went to Seattle Center. Of the seven of us, only Timmo, Sly, Masem and I wanted to go up the Space Needle. The $13 ticket price was a big factor in why we didn't all go. We bought our tickets, then got to the security desk. The security guard searched my bags (aargh, stupid 9-11 overreacting) and took my Swiss Army knife (aaaargh, REALLY STUPID 9-11 overreacting!) What the hell am I gonna do in the Space Needle with a knife? Hijack it and crash it into a plane? Whittle the Space Needle down to a nub?

Oh, I suppose I could attack somebody, but hell, I could do that anywhere. Like, say, on the bus to downtown. Nobody gave a damn about my knife on the bus.

The view, btw, was lovely. Mt. Rainier was impressive as ever, if a tad obscured by haze. I also saw Mt. Baker, and looking down, I saw the Experience Music Center, a big multicolored blobby thing.

Catchphrases from this trip so far: "WannaHAM!" "Shuuuufflebooooooooard!"

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