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I'm confused about something. I've been spending this afternoon copying my video footage of Anthrocon 2005 to VHS, and there's one line in Uncle Kage's Story Hour that I don't get. He describes his former job working for a company that procures human tissue, and the freezer they keep the tissue in, and the alarm company that monitors the freezer, and the frequent short power interruptions that he had a hard time getting the alarm company to stop bothering him about.

He calls the alarm company "ABC" instead of their real name, and he says the line: "ABC kept calling me through the night."

That line gets a huge laugh, and then he says something about having it edited out. And I thought to myself, "Huh?"

Clearly I'm missing something. I know ABC as standing for "American Broadcasting Company", and "Already Been Chewed" (there was a fake commercial on Tiny Toons once, for ABC Gum). I also know it as the title of an old Jackson 5 song. But what ELSE could it be, that would make that line so hilarious?!

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