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Just to clarify, there's nothing wrong with me; my doctor is just obsessed with taking my blood pressure, and sadly for him, there's nothing that makes my blood pressure shoot up suddenly quite like having my blood pressure taken. The purpose of this portable cuff he gave me is to have my pressure taken at regular intervals in the comfort of my own home. (Yeah, right... this cuff and the concept of "comfort" do not fit together.)

I hope he's satisfied with the results he gets from this cuff; the 24-hour period I'm supposed to wear this for is over at 2:00 today, at which point I'm taking it back to the clinic and NEVER TOUCHING IT AGAIN EVER. In addition to everything else, the damn thing KEEPS ME UP ALL NIGHT! I got 3, maybe 4 hours of sleep. Also, it's a pain because I usually shift between three positions during the night: lying on my back, on my left side, and on my right side. You can imagine how this cuff puts a damper on that.

Anyway, at 2:00 today I'm gonna drop this thing off and then I'll be FREE! To do WHATEVER I WANT! ...which may well consist of coming home and taking a nap.

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