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Take these broken wings and... get in the garage!

Ooog! I went out to put the clean dishes away a few minutes ago... first I made a pit stop... while I was in the bathroom, I heard odd noises coming from the living room! I went out there and Mom and Dad were in consternation because the cat had brought in a live bird! No, George! We don't mind you catching them, but don't bring them in! Sheesh!
I picked up George, and she was all like "No! Put me down! I wanna play with the bird!" (Yeah, "she". She's a girl cat but we named her George.)
And then while I was getting the dustpan to scoop up the wounded bird and put it outside, it got up and flew into the corner! Fortunately the corner was near the door, so I opened it and nudged the bird over with the dustpan until it hopped outside. Then I closed the door. George wanted to go out, but no no no. You'll just bring it back in, ya dang cat!
Oh well. At least she also catches roaches. Now that's putting those hunting skills to something useful! (Ugh, roaches. One of the numerous drawbacks to living in Houston.)

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