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Hooked On A Feeling

Have you heard the song "Hooked on a Feeling"? There are at least two versions of it that I know of: the original version by B.J. Thomas, and the "ooga-chaka" cover by Blue Swede.

The Blue Swede version not only adds a rhythmic chorus of "ooga-chaka, ooga-chaka", but they also changed the lyrics in one of the verses. The original verse goes:
I got it bad for you, girl
But I don't need a cure
I'll just stay addicted
And hope I can endure

But Blue Swede changed this to:
I caught a bug from you, girl
But I don't need a cure
I'll just stay a victim
If I can, for sure

I've always thought that was really lame. Not only does the "for sure" at the end feel forced and painfully "we needed a rhyme" obvious, but the purpose of the whole change is to get rid of a drug reference.

I never touch the stuff myself, but I hate censorship worse than drugs. Censoring dirty words I can understand, but censoring drug references is, as I said, LAME. (As an aside, I found it really ironic when MTV took Weezer's song "Hashpipe" and censored every occurrence of the title word, but left the line "I got my ass wiped" untouched.)

And just now I realized, censoring drug references in this particular song is DOUBLY LAME. Just look at the chorus:
I, I'm hooked on a feeling
I'm high on believing
That you're in love with me

The WHOLE SONG is one big drug reference! In fact, it's not even a literal reference to drugs; it's drugs as a METAPHOR for love. Thus, the censorship is TRIPLY LAME!

Ooga-chaka, ooga-chaka, ooga-ooga-ooga-chaka...
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