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Late nite thots

If I were a rock musician, I think I'd form a band that would be a ripoff of Me First and the Gimme Gimmes. We'd perform locally, doing the same thing as the Gimmes (speedpunk-style covers of schmaltzy old songs), but with songs they haven't gotten around to covering yet. There are so many easy-listening records and musicals still available to plunder... just imagine rocking out to "Melody of Love" by Bobby Vinton, "Breaking Up is Hard to Do" by Neil Sedaka, etc.!

Also, yay, my LJ userpic allotment just doubled, and I didn't have to do a thing! As you may or may not know, LJ is currently offering permanent user accounts for $150, for a *very* short time period (I think the sale ends midnight tomorrow night, not sure, better check it if you're interested), and one of the perks is, all permanent accounts get 100 userpics! I already have a permanent account (bought it last time they were offered, for just $100), and PRESTO I get to have 50 more icons automatically! I've already put back some of my favorite old icons and added some new ones, bringing my current icon count to 71.

Also I just uploaded all my new con sketches from the last two cons, but I'm getting too tired to post links to all of 'em. Go poke around on my homepage now if you're curious; I'll post a detailed set of "New! Updated!" links tomorrow.
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