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Saving time and money

I've decided that for the next two cons I go to, I'm going to give up the convenience of being able to drive anywhere I want in order to save time and money, respectively.

As I mentioned in my previous post, I'm going to fly to Huntsville for RCFM. I'll take the shuttle to the hotel, and then I suppose I can force Vakko to drive me around like I did last year. :}

For Anthrocon, I'll be spending a few extra days in town after the con for tourism purposes, so the rental car was going to be $200-something, and then I found out parking at the Wyndham would be $17/day. Yow! Then I thought, wait a minute; a big city like Philly probably has public transit. Fortunately, the street map book of Metro Philly I bought last time I was there has a SEPTA map in it. So I cancelled my car rental.

(In other news, my throat hurt pretty bad this morning, but I think it's starting to get better.)

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