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Why some people hate sports

Saw an ad on TV just now. Guy in the grocery store at the checkout line. He's a Texans fan, but the bagger's a Cowboys fan. So the bagger ignores the guy's request for plastic bags, and then puts the gallon jug of milk in on top of the eggs and crunches it up and down a few times. The guy picks up the bag and it's dripping with egg whites. Later in a bar, he casually mentions to his buddies that "this rivalry is getting out of hand." Someone says, "Your eggs got ruined?" "Yeah," he blithely says while adding up his score on the dartboard, "but I put 'em to good use." Cut to shot of the Cowboys-fan bagger getting into his car and hearing a wet crunching sound as he sits in the driver's seat. He looks down in disgust. Cut to animation of graphics involving the word "football" and the Texans logo.

Here's the difference between sports fans and me: sports fans probably think that ad is funny.

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