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After the con

Morphicon was lotsa fun! Sadly, it's over now. Right now, I'm at the apartment of sonicblu and his friends Latex and Havoc foxes (no relation). [EDIT: My mistake; Latex Fox doesn't actually live here.] Finding their apartment was an adventure in being blocked at every turn, which I shall go into detail about in the cartoon diary later.

We ate lunch at White Castle. I had a sack o' burgers, and a side of fish nibblers. Yum! Right now I'm listening to a CD of the last three hours of broadcasting of Dave Diamond & the Diamond Mine, KBLA Burbank, 1500 AM, 9 pm - midnight, June 16, 1967. This guy is a trip! He reads psychedelic poetry, thinks Procol Harum is a guy and pronounces the name "Pro-call", and keeps making these weird pauses... [record starts playing] ...like he's stoned or something!

Tonight, I'll be meeting babsbunny for dinner at Olive Garden. I reiterate: Yum!

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