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At Morphicon. Couldn't make phone posts 'cos forgot my info card I wrote numbers on. Having fun, must finish this post beffore the computer goes out again.

Edit: Never mind, the power stayed on. The guy was fiddling with the power cord trying to tape it in place so it wouldn't come out again. Now I can edit this post!

Unfortunately, it is still the case that I forgot to bring the card I wrote my LJ phone post gateway access number on, so I was unable to make phone posts from the road. Oh yes, the road. On Tuesday, I reached West Memphis. On Wednesday, I reached Cincinnati. Yesterday, I tried Gold Star chili for lunch. The chili itself: equally as good as Skyline. Then I drove here to Columbus.

Today, Morphicon has started. There was a thingy called Macro Rampage in which fursuiters stomped on toy soldiers and fake buildings. Aaaaah it is Skunkzilla!!!

Diary later.

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