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What's muh weapon?

Two-Headed Skeleton
You preferred a weapon with 89% weird over speed and 47% squick over melee.
You use a Two-Headed Skeleton.

Never mind all these nasty stabbing, shooting, bonking and blowing-up type
weapons. All you need on the battlefield is a skeleton with two heads! You
need only hold it up and show it to your attackers, and they'll be all
"AIEEEE WTF 2 HEDZ NOOOOOOOOOOOO" and they'll be so confused they'll run
around in circles like chickens with both heads cut off, hitting each other
and falling off cliffs and whatnot. Either that or they'll just feel all
weird inside just looking at it, and get the hell away from you as fast as
possible. Either way, they'll be all WTF and you'll be all LOL and before
you know it, it's time for pizza!

My test tracked 2 variables How you compared to other people your height and blood type:
You scored higher than 73% on weird
You scored higher than 58% on squick
Link: Making fun of stuff for no reason

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