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I was up on the roof today

I just saw the movie "Kung Fu Hassle"! It's about this guy who keeps getting attacked by martial arts experts over and over, and it just never friggin' STOPS, but they keep coming at him and making his life hard! Best quotes from the movie:

"Aw maaan, not MORE ninjas!"
"AGAIN? Look, I'm BUSY here!"
"Leave me the hell ALONE!"

Actually I didn't see any movies today. Instead I was up on the roof. There's this inner corner that has a tendency to trap leaves and twigs, and they tend to compost into soil up there, and plants tend to sprout in it. That's not good.

So my Dad held the ladder while I climbed up onto the roof, and he handed up a long-handled brush. I sat on the corner ridge and used the brush to sweep dirt and leaves off, and I removed the plants. Good thing, too, because some of the root tendrils were starting to grow under the shingles.

The scariest and most dangerous part was coming down from the roof. I carefully scooted down to the edge, giving myself a wedgie in the process, and carefully stepped onto the ladder, trying not to fall. Unfortunately I fell on my head and died. No, just kidding. I got down successfully.

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