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BABELFISH'D! or, Same translation of song (Song translation meme)

toasted from </a></b></a>bluerain:

Go find a song that everybody knows and put the lyrics into the Babelfish (http://babelfish.altavista.com/). Translate them from English to German, then German to French, and then French to English. Then post here with 3 clues. See who gets the song right first.

Song #1:

It was one week, since I considered you tightened your head too side and "I" said "am opposed," during five days, since you "laugh" above "at saying maintenance" me "that together turned over and" three days see me you, since the alive sector whom I carried out, is my whole disturbance, not however to explain you could, you me to twist yesterday became, but they are still two days, until I say that I am sad

1. This song has been so overplayed, I don't think any further clues are necessary.
2. It was used in a stupid car commercial.
3. I still like this song, though, and I also enjoy Weird Al's parody of it.

He Ho, go He Ho, make us let yourself to us go He Ho, make us go itself He Ho, make us go itself them to form in with a right straight line which they make the object a firm wind that kids lose their understanding the war of the Bop lightning, it with of Piling in to the back seat you are, them it vapor heat produce which palpitates with the impact postpones that war of the lightning bop He Ho, let suit us Shoot' EM in to the back maintaining what they cannot wish, me that one needs the outward journey all reved high and loan

1. Most of the members of this band are now dead.
2. This song was probably played many times at CBGB.
3. Your knowledge of foreign languages will help you here.

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