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Nope! I just needed new glasses.

The problem I've been having was, the screen was out of focus in one eye, and I was leaning forward to read stuff, and readjusting my chair, and then leaving it in the wrong position.

I went to the eyeglass place in the Village, called Today's Vision, again today. The eye doctor, Dr. G, decided to retest my vision and weaken my prescription a bit. (See, the prescription I got last time was great for driving, but the focus was too far away for computer work. The new prescription should be adequate for both.)

I had an "oops" moment, though. The other guy, Robert, asked if I wanted new frames, or to have the new lenses fitted into the old frames. I decided to keep the old frames. "They'll be ready around 4:00," said Robert as he put my glasses in a tray. Um, but I need those to drive home. Oh, but he needs 'em to put the new lenses in. Oops. I have spares, but I'd left 'em at home. Now what?

Robert did me a big favor; he went and bumped my procedure up in the queue, so I only had to wait half an hour and didn't have to leave. Yaay! I like that place.

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