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Traffic jams and freeway accidents

So I went to karaoke again last night. It was fun, but apparently yesterday was not a good day to drive on the freeway.

On the way to Hollywood Cafe, I was on US 59, and I saw an electronic sign saying "MAJOR ACCIDENT IN CENTER LANE". Sure enough, a few yards ahead, traffic was stopped and backing up. Looking ahead, I could see a wrecker heading across the lanes to the right shoulder. We waited a minute or so, and started moving forward. In the center lane, I saw a windshield lying on the pavement. It was shattered but still mostly had its shape, meaning it must have popped right out. On the shoulder, I saw the car it once belonged to, sitting there with its rear windshield missing.

A few yards ahead of that, I saw a pickup truck, upside down, resting askew on the guardrail. Yow.

Later in the evening, around 11 p.m. when I left the cafe, I decided to take Hiway 288 home, to save time. BIG mistake. I took Montrose to Allen Parkway to I-45, and took the 288 exit... and traffic slowed down again. As we inched our way around the curve, I looked ahead and saw a HUUUGE sea of red taillights on cars and trucks coming from all directions, all trying to get on 59 S and 288. We crawled forward. I saw an electronic sign saying "ROAD WORK ON TOLL ROAD". Toll road? What, Sam Houston Tollway? That's miles away from here!

I slowly made my way over to the left so I could get onto 288, but I soon had to move back to the right, because the two left lanes were closed. Problem was, these two lanes were the ones that lead onto 288. 288 itself was blocked off by barricades and official vehicles. What the hell?! I was forced to get on 59 instead!

And 59, which was already congested from all the construction, apparently had another accident! I know this because an ambulance with flashing lights and siren passed me on the shoulder. Guh-REAT.

So anyway I made my way to the right lane and took the first exit, Fannin, and took surface streets all the way home, which was what I was trying to avoid in the first place, but which turned out to be the preferable option!

Driving in Houston is not normally this bad, I promise you. Well, as long as you avoid the construction zones. Oh, and rush hour. (11 p.m. is definitely NOT rush hour.)

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