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I went to karaoke tonight with some local furs, at a place called Hollywood Cafe. I sang "Losing My Religion", "Help!", and "Devil in Disguise".

Y'know how karaoke machines show video clips to accompany the music? The clip for "Help!" featured four actors dressed like the Beatles, playing instruments and goofing around like in the early Beatles movies. That was amusing. And when I sang "Devil in Disguise", there was a bit in the middle that I had somehow never learned, so I just winged it. I made up a tune to sing the words to, and added words of my own about forgetting the lyrics and so on.

Early in the evening, someone else in the cafe sang a song in Vietnamese. None of us knew what he was singing, but he sang it very well.

Also I think whoever wrote out the song title list was not a native English speaker, because there were some funny mistakes: "Achy Bready Heart", "Stan By Your Man" (go get your own man, Stan!), "La Mamba" (about an African snake), "She Is Liked The Wind", "Greased Lightin'" (not lightnin'), and "Millium". There were a few songs attributed to "Tome Jones". Then there was a song by the band 98 Degrees, and the next song in the list was by 99 Degrees, the next was by 100 Degrees, then 101 Degrees, 102 Degrees, 103 Degrees and so on.

Fun times!

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