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Key Lime mousse

Today I used the other packet of KLP mix to make Key Lime mousse. The instructions start out the same as for pie (mix with 4 oz. water and 14 oz. sweetened condensed milk), but then you fold in 2 cups of heavily whipped cream. Mom got a pint of whipping cream, but something interesting happens to cream when you whip it: Its volume increases, thanks to the air that gets whipped into it. So we have some leftover unsweetened whipped cream. Perhaps we should make hot fudge sundaes with it.

So anyway, I managed to do all that without making a mess or ruining anything. Yaay! The mousse filled seven custard cups. I chilled them for an hour. Had one just now, and it's yummy! It's a creamy frothy mixture that tastes like Key Limes.

Mom also got some more pie shells so I can make more real pies. But that'll wait a while. Right now, we have all this mousse to eat!

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