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If I were a boss...


From: KT
To: All employees
Subject: Schedule for first week of DST

Daylight saving time sucks, doesn't it? We all just lost an hour. And when people suddenly have to adjust to an earlier schedule, it causes all sorts of problems. So, I'm willing to overlook lateness during the first week of DST, according to the following schedule:

Monday, April 4: Up to 50 minutes late
Tuesday, April 5: Up to 40 minutes late
Wednesday, April 6: Up to 30 minutes late
Thursday, April 7: Up to 20 minutes late
Friday, April 8: Up to 10 minutes late

Anyone showing up to work late this week in accordance with the above schedule will be excused with no penalties, no questions asked. Starting Monday, April 11, I expect everyone to be on time again.


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