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Key Lime pie redux

So anyway the Key Lime pie was so good it got all et up! (Don't worry, I've got enough juice left to make, oh, 4 or 5 more pies. All we need is more pie shells and cans of condensed milk.)

While I was in Key West, I also bought a little package of Key Lime pie mix, which I decided to try making yesterday. The results, however, are somewhat different. The mix results in a pie that is very gloppy and not at all solid. It tastes pretty good, but it's more pudding than pie. I've taken to eating it with a spoon.

There were two packets of mix in the bag, and there are two recipes on the front of the bag: one for pie, the other for Key Lime mousse. I'll try making the mousse next. (And I will laugh if it comes out more solid than the pie!)

(The full story: While in Key West, I stopped at a place called the Blond Giraffe, which makes and sells KLPs and other KL products. I stopped there to eat a slice, and I also decided to pick up a bag of KLP mix. In other shops in Mallory Square, I saw bottles of KL juice, but didn't buy any, thinking "Who needs it? I've got this bag of mix!" But the next day, while driving back to the mainland, I thought, "Wait a minute, what if the mix turns out to be crap? I better buy a bottle of KL juice before I leave the Keys!" So I found a place on Key Largo selling KL products, and bought a bottle of juice (as well as another slice of KLP for the road).)

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