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Observations from the road

Just like Philadelphia is shortened on local traffic signs to "Phila.", Tallahassee is shortened to "Talla." and Baton Rouge is shortened to "BR".

There's a river in Louisiana called Tchefuncte. I wonder how to pronounce that. Also, I wonder why Louisiana is divided into parishes instead of counties.

Nobody ever pays attention to the sign that says "LEFT LANE FOR PASSING ONLY".

Barenaked Ladies' second and third albums, "Maybe You Should Drive" and "Born on a Pirate Ship", were two albums I was disappointed with after first buying them, due to an abundance of wistful, introspective and not-very-catchy songs. But I took them with me on this trip to give them a second chance. Well, a lot of the songs still bore me, but there's more good stuff on there than I remembered. I think I'll take the best songs from the two albums and mix them together into a new album which I'll call "Maybe You Should Pirate". These are the songs I'll use, probably in this order or close to it:

Stomach vs. Heart
These Apples
Straw Hat and Old Dirty Hank
The Old Apartment
Call Me Calmly
Alternative Girlfriend
Break Your Heart
Life, in a Nutshell
Shoe Box

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