A.R.M. (kinkyturtle) wrote,

Phone Post:

450K 2:08
“This is KT, calling from Ft. Myers, Florida! I got off the Keys just fine, and halfway along the way, I stopped on Big Pine Key to see if I could see any Key Deer. I found out at the Visitor's Center that Key Deer are nocturnal, so dawn and dusk are the best time to see them. But I was there at noon and I wasn't gonna hang around that long, but I decided to try anyway because apparently you can see one now and then. I drove up to the Blue Hole observation pool, but didn't see any, although I saw some alligators. And I tried going over to No Name Key, where I _saw_ a _deer_ which crossed right in front of my car! Fortunately I was going the speed limit, which was 25, so I didn't hit it or anything; I _think_ I got a picture of it. We'll find out when I get home.

And then I got to the area on Key Largo where that traffic jam was (coming in), and I saw that the traffic jam was still there, and I had time to turn around and make a U-turn. There is actually another way off onto the mainland, on Card Sound Road, so I took that. There's a toll booth there, one dollar, but it's worth it to avoid the traffic jam. Also, Lenester is cool because he knows "mainland" is one word.

And when the sun was going down, I got off the road and looked for a motel; found one here in Ft. Myers which is real expensive because apparently it's a big hot Spring Break vacation location. As a matter of fact when I got here there was a couple of guys on the balcony hootin' and hollerin', all ready to break some springs, I guess.

Well anyway, I stopped at DQ Grill 'n Chill for supper. Apparently they're going Jack-in-the-Box-style upscale now. I had some fish and chips, and a hot fudge sundae, and that was nice, and now I'm back here working on the diary.

I'll try to be back home in two more days. That is all.”

Transcribed by: multiple users

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