A.R.M. (kinkyturtle) wrote,

Phone Post:

442K 2:07
“This is KT... um, excuse me a second-- *throat clear*

This is KT and I'm in Key West. I woke up in Orlando, put my stuff in my car, and drove all the way down the Turnpike, which means I've driven the entire length of Florida's Turnpike (except for the little bit between I-4 and Bee Line Expressway) and at the end of the turnpike is US 1.

You take US 1 south, it leads onto the islands. And you keep going and going and going and there's key after bridge after key after bridge afterkeyafterbridge, and there's the impressive Seven Mile Bridge which stretches out endlessly before you with the Alantic Ocean to the west and the Gulf of Mexico... I mean, no, the Alantic Ocean to the left, and the Gulf of Mexico to the right.

*throat clear* Excuse me.

And eventually, you end up on Key West. Where the traffic is slow. It's like 35 miles an hour, tops, um... Well actually the slowest traffic I hit today was on the mainland where there was a horrendous hour-long traffic jam because of some survey crew doing who knows what. I was stuck behind a truck and I couldn't see around. I didn't know how long it would last but I finally got past that.

And I'm in Key West now, where I don't mind slowing down, 'cause that's how things are in Key West. Take it easy, laid back, ya know? I saw a bumper sticker on the way to dinner that said "SLOW DOWN! This ain't the mainland!"

Had dinner at the New York Pasta Garden, and a scoop of blueberries-and-cream ice cream at the ice cream place on the way back to the motel. I'm at the Southernmost Motel in the US, in the continental US I suppose, because I think Hawaii is further south than this.

But, anyway, I'm gonna spend tomorrow here and do whatever the heck I feel like, and start heading back home on Wednesday. That is all.”

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