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Florida and PPMP: My schedule

Next week, I'll be in Florida for Pawpet Megaplex and some sightseeing. Here, for the benefit of any Floridians who want to say hi or terrorists who want to blow me up, is a detailed schedule of my upcoming whereabouts:

Tue., Mar. 8: On the road, trying to get at least as far as Pensacola
Wed., Mar. 9: On the road, reaching Orlando, checking into a motel
Thu., Mar. 10: Sightseeing in Orlando
Fri., Mar. 11: Moving into the Sheraton World Resort, attending Pawpet Megaplex
Sat., Mar. 12: Pawpet Megaplex, day 2
Sun., Mar. 13: Pawpet Megaplex, day 3
Mon., Mar. 14: On the road, reaching the Florida Keys and driving along the Overseas Highway to Key West
Tue., Mar. 15: Sightseeing in Key West
Wed., Mar. 16: On the road, hoping to get at least as far as Tampa
Thu., Mar. 17: On the road, perhaps reaching Mobile
Fri., Mar. 18: On the road, getting home!

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