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Da e-mail, da e-mail, what what, da e-mail

So I spent the last two days thinking there was something wrong with Roadrunner's outgoing mail server.

On Thursday, I launched Eudora, and got a message from someone asking for a few tips on art. Specifically, what I use to ink with. I composed a reply, telling him I just use pens from the office supply store, which are good enough for basic cartooning. I suggested he buy one each of various different kinds and compare them. I also wrote that the best pens to ink with are Micron pens, which are available at the art stoooore and come in many degrees of fineness and are great for doing detailed work. And for making thick lines, I use felt-tip pens, and for filling in solid areas, I use Prismacolor markers.

Then I clicked Send. The blue progress bar appeared, went up to about 96%, got stuck, and a minute later the thing timed out and failed. What the @&%^*#!? I tried sending it again. It failed again. Aaargh.

Later, I needed to get a file onto the other computer to print it, and because I haven't worked out all the firewall details yet, the easiest way to do that is to email it to the other machine. So I tried to do that. This time, the progress bar got to about 60%, stopped, and timed out. Aaaargh!

I wrote myself a test message and tried to send it. It timed out. AAAAARGH!!!

Okay, I thought to myself. Something must be wrong at Roadrunner. Tomorrow they will find and fix it. I hope so, because I hate having to call tech support.

Two hours later, Eudora checked for new incoming messages, and got some. Okay, so I could still receive messages. But it tried to send the messages I'd written and still had queued up, and failed again. So, I could receive but not send messages. Argh. I deleted all the queued messages except the one about the inking pens, because I didn't want to look like a jerk who never answers his email. Again, anyway.

Yesterday, I started up the computer again, and launched Eudora again. It successfully fetched new messages, but got hung up on trying to send the inking pens message. Aaargh!

I whined about it to my friends on IRC. masem started asking me questions about my connection, most of which were too technical for me to know the answer to. We tried pinging the SMTP server. It seemed to be fine. We reached the conclusion that I was going to have to call tech support after all.

Suddenly, I stumbled on a solution all on my own! I simply DELETED THE QUEUED-UP MESSAGE. After that, all my other outgoing messages went through! It seems the server was just refusing to accept that one message, and no other messages could get out as long as it was first in the queue. SHEESH!

I wondered if there was something weird about the formatting of the message, and recomposed it as a new e-mail rather than as a Reply to the original message. It still didn't go through. Maybe the SMTP server was rejecting it based on the address, which was @erols.com.

So, I can send mail again! Just not to this one guy. Which is why I described the content of my reply in detail way up in the second paragraph of this message. I hope he's reading it.

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