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Ten things I've done that most of you probably haven't

Lived in Switzerland for nine months, gone to school there, and walked past farmhouses (in the city) and crossed the mighty Aare to get there every day

Given my autograph to Chuck Jones

Learned Lisp and enjoyed it

Been personally treated to a special advance sneak preview showing of the Animaniacs cartoon "The Please Please Please Get A Life Foundation" by the creators of the show (I can only put this one on the list because my friends list has gotten so large)

Gotten Tress MacNeille more interested in my cartoons than in an Animaniacs cartoon

Driven home from work naked

Been attacked by a jaguar, who tried to steal my bag and wristwatch

Been poked by badgers with spoons

Held an a cappella karaoke lip-synch contest

Tried to slam the door in my dad's face, thinking he was a cat

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