February 1st, 2011


Jokes: They can stand on their own. Who knew?

Okay, I just remembered another good thing about the new My Little Pony series.

In Episode 3, "Applebuck Season", after stopping a stampede, Applejack says to the cows, "Next time, try and *steer* clear of Ponyville." She emphasizes the word "steer" a bit, but -- here's the part I like -- she does NOT then proceed to say "Get it? Steer? That's a pun! Ha ha!" I HATE it when cartoons/movies/whatevers do that. YES I GET IT ALREADY! Hitting me over the head with the joke feels like my intelligence is being insulted. Letting me get the joke on my own feels like I'm being let in on something fun; it's much more enjoyable that way.