January 24th, 2011


Further Confusion reporty-ish object

So first of all I spent five days driving to San Jose. The weather was lovely and clear (but cold) almost the whole way.

Day 1, Friday: Houston -> Ozona. Very cold that night.

Day 2, Saturday: Ozona -> Lordsburg, NM. In West Texas, I skirted a thunderstorm! It was approaching from the south, and almost right on top of me, but I drove right past it. This was the longest day's drive of the trip, and New Mexico was dark the whole way.

Day 3, Sunday: Lordsburg -> Blythe, CA. I spent a night in New Mexico and the next night in California just to see if I could, and to see how little money I could spend in Arizona, in case the state becomes so right-wing crazy that I have to boycott it. Well, I did have to stop for gas once. Oh, and since it was Sunday afternoon, I was able to drive through downtown Phoenix without getting caught in a traffic jam!
The hotel in Blythe was supposed to be a Holiday Inn Express, which was what I made an online reservation at, but when I got there, it had been changed into a Quality Inn. But at least they honored my reservation.

Day 4, Monday: Blythe -> Santa Clarita. The drive through Los Angeles went well, except at one point when a dense cluster of big rigs blocked my view of a crucial sign and I ended up exiting I-10 prematurely, onto Rte. 60. I was operating from a set of instructions marked out in miles, not a map, so I had to turn around and get back on I-10.
Eventually I reached Santa Clarita and spent the night in the swankiest La Quinta ever! Then I went out to get dinner at a nearby In-n-Out Burger, where I overheard a group of twentysomethings talking about movies. Were they fellow furries, heading up to FC? They were pinging my geek-dar, but not my fur-dar. Maybe they were college students. Was there a college nearby? Yes! CalArts. They were probably CalArts students.
On the way back to the hotel, I saw a utility box marked:
That's gotta be the most powerful orange ever!

Day 5, Tuesday: Santa Clarita -> San Jose. I drove up I-5, being exhorted by many, many signs in the adjoining farmland to STØP the Congress Created DUST BOWL, which was apparently created entirely by BØXER, PELØSI and CØSTA. (The O's were red "no" circles.) I smelled bullshit. Literally. I drove past a stockyard at one point and had to close the vent.
Rte. 152 through Pacheco Pass was a bit scary, because it started raining a bit.
But my directions (from Google Maps, plus research on my part) were perfect and I got to the hotel with no trouble! Well, a little bit in navigating the Market St. loop, which is not a true traffic circle.

Wednesday: I spent a day in San Jose. I bought supplies, including fruit, water, and MADELEINES (little scallop-shaped cakes that have SUPER MEMORY POWERS). But I developed a problem in my left leg; I couldn't stand or walk more than a few minutes without rather severe pain. Maybe a pinched nerve? Sciatica? I dunno.

On Thursday, Further Confusion started. I had fun, but less than I could've without the leg pain. F'rinstance, during the Fursuit Parade, I kept having to sit down on the floor and leave the camera pointed in the general direction of the parade.

I spent a lot of time in the Creator's Lounge, hanging out with Glen Skunk, Bark! and Nynaeve, working on various cartoon ideas I plan to scan aaaaany day now, and discovering why the new My Little Pony series ("MLP: Friendship is Magic") appeals so much to the OMG-you-people-are-GROWN-MEN-for-SHAAAME set; it has styling and attitude similar to the Powerpuff Girls!

And now, a DEVO parody:

They tell us that
We lost our balls
Watching cartoons
Of ponies small
I say so what
Screw alla y'all

A. We are Bronies
A. B-R-O-nies

Other people I met: Aatheus (whom I roomed with), Diadexxus, Jurann, Baxil, Athelind, Baphnedia, Rain, Orv, Kevin, Karno, Ryan & Candy & their baby, Daph, Prismo, StrRedWolf, Skitzo and, uh, Mrs. Skitzo, and lots of other people I can't remember unless I eat another madeleine but alas I am all out.

Before the Masquerade, and the Variety Show, I entertained people in the audience by imitating Family Guy's "buttscratcher" bit. Buttscratchah! Getcha buttscratchah here!
Further Confusion Unleashed! (the new name of the variety show) was okay. Didn't care for that "Midwest Bloodfest" video, though. Nothing but pointless violence. I liked some of the other acts, which I now can't remember (except for Jacobs and his "Marginalized" poetry interpretation) and will have to go to the tape for. Dammit, need more madeleines...
At the end of the show, they announced that the con would be moving next year! Moving away from the Fairmont, to the Convention Center a block away. Well... the Fairmont is nice, but the furniture in the lobby does look kind of... frumpy. :}

Tuesday after the con, I spent another free day in San Jose. Mostly I just lazed around and drew.

Wednesday, I started the long drive back.
Day 1: San Jose -> Santa Clarita. The sky was clear until I got through Pacheco Pass; then the Central Valley was all clouded over.
As I approached Grapevine Pass, I saw ominous looming fog in mountains ahead! As I drove thru, it looked like the clouds had come unhooked, fallen out of the sky, and were lying on the mountains like giant stupid gray throw pillows. And when I stopped for gas it was very cold and windy. But I made it to Santa Clarita and spent the night in a Holiday Inn Express on Magic Mountain Parkway.

Day 2, Thursday: Santa Clarita -> Phoenix, AZ.
Second day: Woke up in Santa Clarita with a sore throat. No singing! But I like singing! That's one of the things I love the most about road trips: practicing my singing along with my favorite CDs. I had to spend the rest of the drive home in silence. Phfoo.

Day 3, Friday: Phoenix -> Las Cruces, NM. The dry desert air was making it hard to deal with my sore throat. I had to drink lots of water. And I kept waking up in the morning barely able to breathe!

Day 4, Saturday: Las Cruces -> Ozona, TX. The most fun part of driving on I-10 through West Texas is getting to go 80 mph legally!

Day 5, Sunday: Ozona -> Houston. It was nice to get out of the desert, but it started raining.
Anyway, I'm home now!