December 15th, 2010

fox, LEGO

Malformed Lego brick

Lego is renowned for having some of the best quality control in the world. I've bought hundreds of Lego sets and never had a missing or damaged piece.

Until now. I got a set in which one of the bricks was malformed. It looks like not enough plastic got injected into the mold. Obviously, this is an extremely rare case.

Normal Lego brick and deformed one

What am I going to do about it? Nothing. I can easily replace it from my large collection of bricks, and it's actually pretty cool to have something like this; it's a bit like looking at an X-ray of a brick. And because it doesn't have any extra bits of plastic sticking out, it can still fit into constructions like a regular brick. Thanks, Lego!

Google Translate's new keyboard feature

Ooo! Google Translate added a new keyboard feature. If you set the From: language to something other than English, a keyboard icon appears in the lower right corner of the textbox. If you click it, a popup box shows you the standard keyboard layout for that language, and temporarily switches your keyboard to it. Handy for foreign typists or non-Roman alphabets!

Ууу! Гугл Перевести добавил новую функцию клавиатуры. Если вы установите Из: язык-то, кроме английского, клавиатура появляется значок в правом нижнем углу текстового поля. Если вы щелкните по ней, всплывающее окно показывает вам стандартной раскладки клавиатуры для этого языка, и временно переключает клавиатуру к нему. Handy для иностранных машинистки или не алфавитов-римской!