November 3rd, 2010

nighty night turkle

Friggin' blackouts

Haven't seen the election results. (Didn't want to anyway...) The whole neighborhood lost power (second night in a row for me; there was a big rainstorm last night that knocked out the power on THIS block but NO OTHERS for SEVEN HOURS, grrr) and I went to the movies. "Easy A" looked like the most fun thing, so I watched it (after sitting around an hour waiting for it to start and spending time drawing a cartoon about the blackouts). Then I got back home and found the power had come back on ten minutes after I left. It had only been off for 45 minutes. Hoo boy. Well, I did enjoy the movie.
nighty night turkle

TVTropes Will Ruin Your Life... in more than one way

Oh maaan, I was up waaay too late last night. I'm planning to spend the next week readjusting my bedtime schedule, in decrements of a half hour per day, so I can get up nice and early the following Monday for the drive to Chicago for MFF.

During the bedtime-adjustment period, I need to set myself a hard-and-fast rule: NO READING TVTROPES. AT ALL.