September 4th, 2010

Yakko's World

False-nationality names

"False-nationality name" is a term I just made up. It refers to a name that contains a national adjective, even though the thing with that name didn't come from that country. For example, Russian dressing is not from Russia (not even with love). French fries didn't come from France, and the game of Chinese checkers was not invented in China.

Know any other examples?
newt happy

Pixar's "newt" concept art

Previously: Pixar announced an upcoming film titled "newt" (yes, all lowercase).

Later, they announced that the "newt" project has been canceled. They didn't give a reason, but speculation has been running wild.

Now, they're showing some concept art from the project:
Yeah, it's a Facebook link, but go ahead and click it; they've set the album so it can be viewed without logging in.

The artwork is fascinating and beautiful, and it's fun (but also kinda sad) to think what the movie might have been like. And look, there's the main character, a blue-footed newt, in several of the pictures!