January 26th, 2010


Home from FC!

Further Confusion was fun! The new hotel was swanky. The weather was crappy the first couple days, but then mellowed. I'll be glad when winter is over. Oh, right, the con. Further Confusion was fun! The plane flights there and back went smoothly (except for when the DVD battery ran out during The Who's "Tommy". Well, I figured it would. So, JoCo the rest of the way.) Not a lot of events at the con I was interested in, but it was nice hanging out with friends again. Tandoori Oven took me by surprise by being Not For Beginners (the menu expects you to *know* what stuff is!) Buying apples and oranges at Safeway and eating one of each per day was a good idea. I must do that at other cons!

I drew a bunch of stuff, which perhaps I'll scan tomorrow.