December 14th, 2009

little chef

Welp, I give up.

Clearly, a pumpkin pie in a graham-cracker crust was not meant to be. The pie is barely done, but the crust is overdone. Obvious, really; graham-cracker crusts are meant for chilled pies such as Key lime, and of course cheesecake. Ah well.

The crust is not too burnt at least; it's edible, or I can scrape the filling out like a rind fruit with my spoon and throw the crust away.
toys, Cube

Toy Story 3 detail I just noticed

Oh, and they showed a preview for Toy Story 3, and I just noticed something: in the montage of home video footage where Andy is watching a movie on TV with his toys grouped around him, he puts a piece of popcorn in Rex's mouth, and then one in his own mouth. Then he sees something onscreen that makes his jaw drop, and the popcorn falls out of his mouth... and the other piecepopcorn falls out of Rex's mouth at the same time!

And BTW... I am very pleased with Pixar's redesign of the human characters. I rewatched the original Toy Story recently and, *damn*... Andy looked creeeeepy!