September 23rd, 2009


Strawberry Cafe Escape

Finally, a room escape game that's not too horrendously hard! It's a bit tricky, but there's nothing really unintuitive in it. I was able to solve it without using a walkthru. The game also earns points for looking nice and not being some horrible dungeon or something. :}

And then I realized there were two different possible endings, so I played through again and saw the other one.

CAUTION: SPOILERS in the comments!

Oh, and did I mention I'm home from Rainfurrest?

The con was fun but I caught con crud right at the end. Which is a problem as the con theme was zombies. Fortunately I don't need brains; I'm just staggering around going "Oooooraaaaannnge juuuuuice."

The annoying thing is, I was a non-participant in the Zombie Game! I had a badge insert saying so & everything!