September 2nd, 2009


To fucking go where no asshole has gone before

I forget what context it was in, but earlier today I saw someone use the phrase, "Way to fucking go!"

Now I wonder how people who mistakenly believe that there's a rule in English against splitting an infinitive would have that sentence reworded.

"Way fucking to go"? "Way to go fucking"?

"Fucking way to go" would certainly be unacceptable, as it would transform the adverb "fucking", modifying "go", into an adjective modifying "way".

Julie & Julia Not Taking Woodstock Yet

I was going to go see "Taking Woodstock" today, but my usual theatre (the Edwards Grand Palace on Weslayan) isn't showing it. So I went and saw "Julie & Julia" again (having already seen it once before and loved it).

Hey, y'know what would be awesome? One of those movie & grill places showing "Julie & Julia", and serving small portions of each dish in the movie as it appears onscreen. So when Julia Child is served sole meunière, everybody in the audience gets a piece of sole meunière, and when Julie & Eric Powell eat bruschetta, everyone gets a piece of bruschetta. It would be like Odorama, except it would be Dine-o-rama! (Has Odorama ever been used for anything other than crappy stinky John Waters movies, for that matter?)

Also I think there's an anachronism in "Julie & Julia". Right at the end, when Julia Child Collapse )vented yet.

So anyway, the theater wasn't showing "Taking Woodstock". Was I wrong about it opening this week? No, it opened August 28. Was the theater refusing to show it because of content? Is Regal Cinemas owned by some stuck-up religious bluenose who objects to the main character being a gay guy and one of the supporting characters being transgender? I dunno! So I checked when I got home. Well, it is showing at the other Edwards theater in town, the MARQ*E on I-10. Maybe they just don't consider it a major enough release to show it at both theaters.

Ooo, I see it's playing at the Landmark River Oaks Theater. I think I'll go see it there!