June 24th, 2009


Prickly teleprompter

Wow. Republicans are crazy. Here's today's Prickly City, making fun of President Obama's use of a teleprompter (which, btw, everyone else has stopped doing by now anyway, lol comic strip lead time).

Notice the comments. The very first one sets the tone:
Hmmm isn’t it intersting, how when “Others” were in office every little gaff was fair game.
But now that our Glorious leader has been annoited and coronated, we must now all “respect the dignity of the office”

The comment section has other statements along these lines from other Prickly City fans, accusing Obama supporters of being as censorious and intolerant of Obama jokes as militant Muslims are of Mohammed cartoons.

But are any of the detractors in the thread actually doing that?
Shows how out-of-ammunition Obama’s opponents are when all they can dis him for is using teleprompters all the time - just like little Bushie always did, and that great communicator always did (when he wasn’t pretending he couldn’t hear the reporters’ questions), not to mention both Clinton & Bush Sr. always did.

Nope. They're just pointing out how weaksauce it is to make fun of a politician for using a tool that many other politicians, Democrat or Republican, have been using for years now.

Republicans have lost their minds.