June 17th, 2009

grrr i'm a midget

Molar: The Re-re-re-crowning

I've got a gold crown on a lower molar on the left side of my mouth that keeps coming off. It's been popped off by various chewy things: a Cheetos Twisted Puff, some jellybeans, and last week, a particularly chewy piece of flatbread. The first two times, the dentist cleaned it off and glued it back on.

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But finally he was all done and my crown was back in. The rest of the day, my mouth was sore on the left, and chewing, even just on the right side, hurt on the left. I had soup for lunch. But yesterday I recovered enough to have a burger and fries. Yum!

And I noticed something encouraging: the previous time the dentist had put the crown back in, it rode a little high, and my bite felt a bit unnatural, like one of my teeth had suddenly become too big. This time around, I don't have that; my jaws fit together perfectly! So hopefully it'll stay in a lot longer this time.

(It will also help if I can remember to brush every day. I slacked off recently, and that probably contributed to the problem. Thing is, brushing isn't fun; no matter what they do to toothpaste, it still tastes like fucking TOOTHPASTE. Bleh.)